Medical Billing Interview Preparation: Part 3

Laurus College Blog – Medical Billing Interview Preparation: Part 3

Medical Billing Interview Preparation: Part 3

by the Career Services Department at Laurus College

Final tips on how to prepare for the questions asked at your next job interview in the Medical Billing & Coding field.

For the conclusion of the “Medical Billing interview Preparation” 3-Part series, we’ll go over questions that pertain to specific duties and on-the-job situations that you may encounter. Make sure to have your answers ready at your next interview.


Can you prepare and submit claims to various insurance companies either electronically or by paper?

Are you able to answer questions from patients, clerical staff, and insurance companies?

Will you be able to evaluate patient’s financial status and establishes budget payment plans? And are you able to follow and report the status of delinquent accounts?

Do you have an understanding of the difference between a “write-off”, insurance adjustment, and hardship adjustment, capitation adjustment and how they differ?


– What would you do to resolve an actual denied claim? (Be prepared for a company to give you a sample case with the patient’s specific information removed)

– Provide an example of when you would use a HICPIC code vs. a CPT in medical billing?

– Name 5 different procedures from these word descriptions. (Ask if the procedure has options/levels/stages. If appropriate, ask if it was a right, left or bilateral procedure.)

– Find these 5 Diagnosis or ICD-9 codes. (If appropriate, ask follow up questions on whether the illness is acute or chronic. Don’t use “unspecified” unless that is the only code that will work.)


Remember to ask these questions towards the end of the interview:

– What is the timeline for the fulfillment of this position?

– When would be a good time to follow up for the next interview?

– Is there anything else you need from me before you make a decision?

Lastly, express your interest in the position and always remember to shake hands and thank all parties in the room for taking the time to interview you.

After reading and following the steps covered in this series, you are now prepared for success in your next interview in the Medical Billing & Coding field! You can refer back to this 3-Part Series at any time to remind yourself about the tips, questions, and suggestions for your next employment opportunity.

For information please contact the Laurus College Career Services Department at (805)-267-1690 or [email protected]