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Who wouldn’t be nervous about going back to school and adapting to a life of balancing work, family and coursework. It’s totally natural to feel that way and we fully understand that.

We are experienced in making sure you overcome any worries so you can really enjoy and thrive in your studies as you prepare for your new career.

Whatever you need, count on your Laurus family to be there for you.

Services for Enrolled Students and Graduates

These services are available to all students currently enrolled and graduates of a degree or certificate program at Laurus College. The complete listing of available student services at the college can be found in the college catalog that each student receives at the time of enrollment.

Help Desk:  805-267-1690

Librarian: 805-719-6508

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Career Assistance

In accordance with the overall mission of Laurus College, the purpose of the Career Services Department is to engage, assist and partner with students in their journey to meaningful and gainful employment. This partnership includes providing students with helpful and relevant career-based resources, tools, materials, information and support throughout their professional journey in their chosen vocation.

Our Career Services staff take great pride in assisting and preparing students to make a positive contribution and impact to the community workforce. They can be contacted at 805-267-1690 or

The Career Services Department offers ongoing support, assistance and resources to both students and graduates. Although Laurus College does not guarantee employment upon program completion, the Career Services staff work in partnership with students and graduates in their job search efforts. Students at Laurus College are provided with professional career development tools, with the overall goal of gainful employment.

Career Services support can include (but is not limited to) resume development and review, career counseling, mock interviews, and more. Students also gain knowledge of skills related to job search strategies, applying for employment, and doing Labor Market Information (LMI) research as part of their program. We also provide interactive workshops to both students and graduates. These workshops are not classes, but rather are designed to be information-sharing resources to promote comprehensive job-readiness.

Meet the Laurus College Career Services Team

Visit the Laurus College Career Toolbox.

Library and Learning Resources

On site at each Laurus College in-residence location, students have access to a number of resource materials such as dictionaries, thesauruses, and other resources to assist with their coursework.

In addition to the reference materials on site at each in-residence location, Laurus College subscribes to the electronic reference database system ProQuest. The ProQuest Research Library includes more than 90,000 sources – 450,000 e-books – from 1971 forward. It features a highly-respected, diversified mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers.

This electronic database and research library offers a wide selection of resources and reference materials to the students at Laurus College. It is available for student access at any Laurus College computer station and can be accessed by students off site through the Laurus College website and MyLaurus student portal. Instructors have been trained to assist students with the use of this online resource to fulfill their research needs outside of the normal librarian hours.

There are also a number of websites that offer free digital textbooks, reference materials and online learning resources, including:

In addition to the reference materials available on site and virtually, students can also access the resources available at the public libraries close to each of the school locations:

  • The Santa Maria Public Library located at 420 S. Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454
  • The San Luis Obispo County Library located at 995 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
  • The Atascadero Public Library located at 6850 Morro Road, Atascadero, CA 93422
  • The Oxnard Public Library located at 251 South A Street, Oxnard, CA 93030.

Students should contact the public library nearest them for information on hours of operation.

Student Orientation

Prior to the first day of classes, students who are new to Laurus College are required to attend a New Student Orientation. During this time students become acquainted with the in-residence location, the administrative staff, the faculty and their peers.

The directors of the administrative departments explain the ways in which they assist students and clarify students’ rights and responsibilities, and help to familiarize them with the policies for students at Laurus College. It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with and abide by all regulations explained in the catalog and all supplements, as well as with the Laurus College Student Handbook.

Laptop Computers

Students attending classes will be given the opportunity to receive a Laptop Computer loaded with all of the software needed to complete their program.


Laurus College staff will provide the appropriate textbook(s) for each course.

Student Study Groups

Students are encouraged to participate in study groups for joint study and research. During orientation and the first day of classes for each course, students are encouraged to form study groups.

Academic Advising and Tutorial Services

Laurus College provides academic advising and tutorial services through the Peer Mentor Program. Students may also seek extra assistance with college instructors in addition to scheduled class meeting times if extra academic assistance is needed.

All in-residence locations are open and available for student access on Fridays, during which time students may make arrangements with their instructors for additional academic or tutorial assistance. Laurus College administration will schedule students in appropriate courses to complete his or her program of study.

For more information contact


Laurus College does not provide on-location housing. If this is a service you will need assistance with as a student of Laurus College, please inform your admissions representative during your interview for enrollment so he or she can best assist you in fulfilling this need.

Services Available for Students with Disabilities

Laurus College has designed its programs and instructional methodologies stressing adaptability and multiple approaches to learning. All courses provide instruction using auditory and visual modes. Archived lessons are available for review and help students keep pace. Elevators and/or accessibility ramps, as well as accessible bathroom facilities are standard in all facilities.

If a student needs accommodating they should contact the Student Services Department at 805-267-1689 or email us for more information and assistance.