Live Classes for Busy People.

The flexibility to control your education with real-time classes and live, online instruction.

Live Classes for Busy People.

The flexibility to control your education with real-time classes and live, online instruction.

Career-Focused, Interactive Learning. Supportive Learning Environment & Flexible Schedules. Experience Life with Laurus College.

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Laurus College provides a quality education and quality experience for people who wish to attain their Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Our commitment to student success goes above and beyond the typical e-learning experience by using our unique “Laurus Learning” program model.

Our program has been refined to accommodate a vast array of learning styles and techniques that will be right for you. At Laurus College, you can complete your degree online through a virtual classroom and are welcome to attend your classes remotely or from any of our in-residence or learning site locations.

Whether you are looking to further your education, improve your current job, or move into a new field, Laurus College will support your career and educational goals. Take the next steps in your life and begin your journey by selecting one of our career-focused programs below. We look forward to supporting your success!

Laurus College Programs

Audio Video Production

Audio Video Production

Develop the creative and technical skills needed in the audio video production industry. Grads can prepare for career opportunities in broadcast operations, live streaming, sound design, and video editing.

Associate of Science (AS) in Audio Video Production

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Audio Production

Business Systems Banner

Business Systems Management

Enhance skills in critical thinking, creative design, social responsibility, and human relationships while becoming more technically savvy. Graduates can pursue career opportunities in business management, advertising, social media marketing, banking, personal finance, and entrepreneurship.

Associate of Science (AS) in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration

Digital Arts and Computer Animation

Digital Arts and Computer Animation

Develop the creative and technical skills needed in the computer animation and video game design industries. Career options for graduates include VFX and feature film creation, video game development, product visualization, computer graphics, and many more.

Associate of Science (AS) in Visual Design and Multimedia

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Digital Arts and Computer Animation

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Information Technology (IT)

Develop basic and advanced skills in IT-related areas and be able to apply IT theory and principals in the real world. Career options include system administration, applications support and database analysis, server and network administration, and many more.

Associate of Science (AS) in Information Technologies and Network Systems

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology Systems Management


Medical Billing and Coding

Be a vital part of the growing healthcare industry through a career in identifying complex diagnoses and translating them into standardized codes. Develop skills in medical reimbursement, facility management, and staff supervision. Career opportunities include billing specialist, patient services coordinator, medical receptionist, and records clerk.

Occupational Associate (OAD) in Medical Billing and Coding

Student working on graphic design projects

Web Design and Development

Develop skills in web design, front-end development, digital marketing, usability design, and content creation. Career options for graduates include web design, social media marketing, advertising, desktop publishing, e-commerce, digital marketing, and many more.

Associate of Science (AS) in Web Design

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Web Design and Development

Bachelor’s & Associate Degrees

Supportive Instructors

Virtual Classrooms

Flexible Schedules

Financial Aid

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Real Student Support

At Laurus, you’ll be treated like family. An entire student services team is here to help you with classwork or support you with personal challenges.

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Transfer Credits

If you’ve already studied at a community or career college, you can request to transfer some of your credits from successfully completed courses.

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Flexible Scheduling

Classes run 5 times a day and are recorded for future viewing. That means you’re able to stay connected with your family and work a full- or part-time job.

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Funding Your Career Training

Your financial situation shouldn’t hold you back from what you want to do in life. Financial aid options are available. Call us to find out which is best for you.

We offer Federal Student Aid and Veteran Training Benefits to students who are eligible. Our Student Services team and Financial Aid advisors will help you to find the best financial solution for your needs.

*Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Is Professional Training for a Rewarding and In-Demand Career Right For You?

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We Have a Lot to Offer You

We Have a Lot to Offer You!

We offer Associate and Bachelor of Science Degrees. The courses at Laurus College are taught online by experienced professionals from the field, and our college is known for its friendly learning environment and supportive staff and instructors who will feel like family.

You can even connect with faculty, classmates, and staff in person by visiting one of our locations: Atascadero, Chula Vista, Las Vegas, Oxnard, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Maria.