Laurus College Commencement Information

Commencement Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and current safe-at-home guidelines we will be presenting a Virtual Commencement Ceremony. Graduates and their guests are invited to join together with Laurus College staff and faculty for a live streaming of our next Commencement Ceremony on January 23, 2021, at 11:00 AM PST. The ceremony will also be archived and available to watch for those who can’t make the live stream. Names of graduates that choose not participate in the live streamed ceremony will still be included as part of the ceremony.


If you have completed your current program between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020, and if you have not already participated in a ceremony for that program, then you are eligible to participate. If you have questions regarding your eligibility or graduation date, please contact the Registrar by calling (805)267-1690 or email:


Graduates who wish to participate in the ceremony are required to submit a photo of themselves wearing their commencement regalia. Once you submit your application you will receive a separate email with specific instructions on where to send your photo.

In addition, graduates are highly encouraged to send additional photos of themselves to be included in a photo collage that will be broadcast during the ceremony. Choose photos that illustrate your journey and represent the joys and challenges of your personal story. These photos will be displayed as part of the live stream ceremony for all participants to view so that friends and family can celebrate this momentous achievement along with you and the Laurus College faculty and staff. Once you submit your application you will receive emailed instructions on where to send your photos.


Complete the application below by the application completion deadline. Doing so allows Laurus College time to order your graduation regalia. For this virtual commencement ceremony, regalia will be shipped to graduates prior to the ceremony. Additional information will also be sent out to each graduate a few weeks prior to the event. There is no charge for the regalia if you are participating in the ceremony.

Application Completion Deadline: December 11, 2020

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Sizng Chart

Gown Size Height Weight
Size 39 4’6″ – 4’8″ Up to 180 lbs
Size 42 4’9″ – 4’11 Up to 180 lbs
Size 45 5’0″ – 5’2″ Up to 180 lbs
Size 45FF 5’0″ – 5’2″ Over 180 lbs
Size 48 5’3″ – 5’5″ Up to 180 lbs
Size 48FF 5’3″ – 5’5″ Over 180 lbs
Size 51 5’6″ – 5’8″ Up to 270 lbs
Size 51FF 5’6″ – 5’8″ Over 270 lbs
Size 54 5’9″ – 5’11” Up to 270 lbs
Size 54FF 5’9″ – 5’11” Over 270 lbs
Size 57 6’0″ – 6’2″ Up to 270 lbs
Size 57FF 6’0″ – 6’2″ Over 270 lbs
Size 60 6’3″ – 6’5″ Up 270 lbs
Size 63 6’6″ – 6’8″ Up to 330 lbs
Size 63FF 6’6″ – 6’8″ Over 330 lbs
Size 66 6’9″ – 6’11” Up to 330 lbs

Measure height from top of head to floor. Gowns are measured to be worn to the mid-calf.
*Caps are one-size fit all

If you have any commencement questions, please contact us at (805) 267-1690

”Your determination and efforts in the classroom, at home and within the community have seen you through a rigorous program of study. What you take away from Laurus College is more than a diploma signaling your successful completion of a certificate or degree program; it is a Laurus College involvement of quality education and quality experience.“

— Jeff Redmond, School Chancellor