Using Career Services To Your Advantage

by the Career Services Department at Laurus College

According to a recent student survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the likelihood of a student getting a job offer increased with the frequency of career center use. Students who access their Career Services Department 4 or more times a semester were more likely to have job offers than those who only used it once a semester.

Use of Career Services resulted in higher median salaries and as a result, median salaries climbed with increased use. There was a difference in median salary of more than $5,700 between students from the Class of 2010 who never utilized Career Services assistance ($35,978) and those who went 4 or more times per semester ($41,714). Students who accessed Career Services resources once per semester had a median starting salary of $37,020.

The reported increases are related to the “prep” work, including developing targeted resumes, attending mock interviews and researching employers. Statistically, students who understand they need to be prepared in job search skills and get an early start are the ones who find work faster and enjoy a better starting salary!

The Career Services Department at Laurus College is committed to presenting students and graduates with not only the latest cutting-edge job search techniques, but also the tools and resources needed to make your search for employment a short one.