How to Answer “Tell Me about Yourself” in an Interview

Laurus College Blog – How to Answer 'Tell Me about Yourself' in an Interview

How to Answer ‘Tell Me about Yourself’ in an Interview

by the Career Services Department

“Tell me about yourself” is one of the most common questions asked in an interview. By preparing ahead of time you’ll show employers you’re confident, you can think quickly on your feet, and you know exactly what they’re looking for. In order to make a positive first impression it’s important to know exactly what you want to say, and to practice your response prior to the interview. Most importantly, don’t repeat your resume and keep it short; if the interviewer wants more detail, they’ll ask.

Below are some questions that will help you think about how you can answer this question best and WOW them! Write out a few quick and concise responses, and refine it so that it covers all the information an interviewer really needs.


What programs or classes have you taken that help you match up with the job posting? What previous employment has prepared you to excel in this position?


What hard and soft skills are you bringing that match up well with the job posting? Are you great with Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are you doing to improve upon those weaknesses?

Why You?

Everyone has certain gifts that allow them to be naturally good at something, whether it’s working with numbers, having excellent people skills, or just being very creative. Find your Stand out Strength and use that as your secret weapon. Ten other people are applying for the job and all of you match up well with the job description…now is the time to tell them why they should hire you! Find that ‘something special’ that will make the decision easy for them, and let them know why you want to work there and how you can help them.

Remember, an interview is all about them; why they need you and how you can help their business. So, sell yourself! It’s easy to get a job, but getting the job you want takes a little more work.

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