Elements of Web Design (Part 1)

Laurus College Blog – Elements of Web Design (Part 1)

Elements of Web Design (Part 1)

by the Career Services Department at Laurus College

Do you have an interest in creating websites? An Associate Degree in Web Design from Laurus College can help you achieve success with your career goals. This 4-part series will briefly explore the different elements of web design, including both front-end and back-end web development.

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Like a restaurant that often has duties divided up between the front and back of the house, websites can be described as having a front end and a back end. What makes a website effective is the synergy between these two important elements.

Here are a few ‘key’ front-end development components that make a website work:

Design Layout

This is the appearance of the website that a user experiences. Does the navigation menu make sense when it’s shown on top or at the side? Where are the text, images, and graphics placed on the page? Great design is essential for a well-made website. Websites with “bad design” can cause users to feel uncomfortable and confused. When a website is designed with the user experience in mind, this allows them to easily find what they are looking for.

Logo Integration

Websites are often built around a unifying graphic such as a company’s logo. A logo represents or symbolizes an organization and creates recognition for their clientele. The logo can provide a foundation that includes color and style components that are carried throughout not only the website, but in other promotional materials as well.

Navigational Structure

The navigation set up includes the order of the pages and the outline of where each page links to. At least one navigation menu provides the hub for each of the different groups of pages. This allows users to easily navigate through the website and visit the correct page. Without a navigational structure, your beautifully designed site would not be able to function properly.

In Part 2 of this series, we will discuss other skills and techniques for developing front end components including: HTML, CSS, and Mobile Friendly design.

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