Critical Skills: Keyboard & Accuracy

Laurus College Blog Post – Critical Skills: Keyboard & Accuracy

Critical Skills: Keyboard & Accuracy

by the Medical Billing & Coding Department at Laurus College

The majority of entry level office positions, including those for Medical Billing and Coding, require a variety of administrative duties such as filing records, purchasing supplies and equipment, admitting patients, scheduling appointments and assisting with examinations. Almost all of these positions require the candidate to be reasonably fast and accurate on the keyboard.

Regardless of the office or medical environment you get a job in (doctor’s office, hospital, medical clinic, pharmaceutical company or government health agency), having strong keyboard skills will be crucial to your success. Many offices and medical offices in particular can be fast-paced. Slow or inaccurate keyboarding can hurt office efficiency, potentially impacting the flow of services that clients or patients expect.

Here are three steps you should take to ensure that your typing skills are ‘up to par’ when the time comes for you to begin your job search:

1. Test Your Keyboard Speed. Visit the website, and take their 1-minute, 2-minute, and 3-minute typing tests. If you score less than 45 words-per-minute (wpm) then proceed to Step #2. If you score higher than 45 wpm, go ahead and skip ahead to step #3. If you are competitive you might also go to and test yourself against the world’s best.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice. If you scored less than 45 wpm on any of the three tests mentioned above, it’s time to make a serious commitment toward improving your typing skills. Set aside at least five minutes every day to practice. If you want a structured practice environment (highly recommended), you can sign up for the free ‘Typing Trainer Keyboarding Course”, also available on

3. Get Certified. Make an appointment with your local Career One-Stop / America’s Job Center or a staffing agency to have your typing skills formally tested. Most of these organizations will issue you a free test and certificate which you can show on your resume, and include in a portfolio. Having the certificate may allow you to avoid taking the test at an already stressful interview.

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Rebecca Sandoval is the Department Chair for the Medical Billing & Coding Program at Laurus College. You can reach her through email: or call 805-267-1690.