5 Steps to Keep Your Fire Burning

By: Ed Carcarey from edcarcarey.com

bonfire burning
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“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”– Ferdinand Foch

All fires will eventually go out unless you keep feeding them.

Passion is a Fire deep down in your soul. It demands fuel and attention, or like a campfire, it will eventually go out.

According to Gallop, 70% of Americans are unhappy doing what they are doing in their jobs, businesses, and careers!

That is a lot of people walking around with nothing Burning on the inside.

Here are 5 Steps to Keep Your Fire Burning

#1 Choose the Right Fuel

There are plenty of things you can throw in a fire, and many of them will burn, but not all of them will help.

  • Plastic burns, but the results can be poisonous!
  • Wet wood will eventually burn, but it will cause lots of smoke, and if you are not careful, the fire will go out.

The right fuel for you is serving the people YOU were put here to help. Those people who ignite your Passion!

#2 Add Stones to the Fire

When you put stones in a campfire, it burns hotter and longer. The Stones hold the heat. These are the Mentors you choose for your life that are there to protect you from you! Mentors Care more about your FUTURE than your FEELINGS. Choose them wisely because the life of your Fire depends on them.

#3 Protect your Fire from the elements

Rain, wind, and cold can all damage your fire. These elements will ALWAYS be around, so you must be prepared for them.

The elements for your Fire are your Friends, Family, and Co-Workers. Some of them will be carrying the Rain, Wind, and Cold. These things will show up in their attitude and words: Complaining, Whining, Blaming, Gossip, and Drama

Do not let them Rain on your Fire!

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

#4 Keep Stoking your Fire

Having a Fire that burns at a high level demands attention. You must keep arranging the wood and coals to get the most out of it. This will take practice to develop the skill.

There are 2 types of stoking you can use: Extrinsic or Intrinsic.

  • Extrinsic Stoking relies on outward motivation – short term.
  • Intrinsic Stoking is an inward motivation – long term.

The difference between the two is that one benefits the person stoking the fire (Extrinsic), and the other benefits EVERYONE (Intrinsic)!

#5 Fire NEEDS oxygen

It is critical for a fire to be able to breathe. Make sure the air you are blowing into your fire has value. Your self-talk is essential to a healthy fire. Speak the future you want, not the one you have. Your words are powerful and can create Success or Failure.

Be careful what you are putting into your mind. What you read, listen to, and watch will come out of your mouth to eventually create your life.

It is YOUR Responsibility to set yourself on Fire every day.

Find Your Passion…Find Your Life!

Ed Carcarey

About Ed Carcarey

Ed Carcarey is an entrepreneur and a professional motivational speaker specializing in the subjects of understanding your Purpose & Passion by serving your Community. After serving in the Air Force for 8 years he decided to become an Entrepreneur and has since owned and operated many different businesses. To learn more about Purpose, Passion, Leadership or the Art of Failing Successfully you can visit his web site at edcarcarey.com or listen to his Radio show every Sunday on FUEGO 97.1FM at 7am.