Laurus College Movie Poster Competition Winners

Laurus College Movie Poster Competition Winners

by the 3D Animation Department

The winners for the Laurus College Movie Poster Competition have been chosen. We would like to thank all of the Laurus College students who participated and we appreciate the time and effort that went into each and every one of the poster submissions.

Below are the three original “fake” movie poster winners that were selected by the Laurus College staff and faculty. Each of these student creations were voted on and placed in order from 1st-3rd. Students from each of our five programs (Professional Business Systems, Digital Arts & Computer Animation, Medical Billing & Coding, Information Technology & Network Systems and Web Design) were eligible to participate.

1ST Place
“Apocalypse” by Keliha Labrecque (Web Design Student)

2nd Place
“i” by Glenn Harding (Information Technology & Network Systems Student)

3rd Place
“Astray” by Christina Zangli (Information Technology & Network Systems Student)

The Laurus College Movie Poster Competition winners will be awarded movie theater tickets. Congratulations again to Keliha Labrecque, Glenn Harding, and Christina Zangli!

If you are a Laurus College student, be sure to keep up with the My Laurus Portal “Site News” and follow each of our Social Media accounts to find out about future competitions. There will be more to come!