Most Recent Testimonials


Laurus College has a huge place in my heart. They really care about their students. They want their students to succeed.

Tina Barnard, Laurus College Alumni & Business Owner

The experience is different for everyone who attends Laurus. It showed me that I am in control of my future.

The [financial aid] process was relatively simple and the staff was patient in the whole endeavor.

I highly recommend that everyone takes this first step towards financial freedom.

Alfredo Rayos, Laurus College Student

What I enjoy most about this program is that there is a strong sense of unity and camaraderie that exists within the classroom structure.

The classes are challenging and rich, the equipment is up-to-date, the facilities are comfortable, and the academic advisors and instructors are extremely knowledgeable. All of the necessary books and software are provided for each class, and the material is very “user-friendly.” I’ve appreciated that I’ve never had to worry about a book purchase or not being able to access required class materials.

As a third-year Laurus student, I feel a strong sense of good communication and connection with my instructors and classmates.

Aaron Naugle, Laurus College Student

Admin staff and instructors go above and beyond to ensure that you have all the things that you will need to apply for a job.

Andre Taulao, Laurus College Student

I have found the course content to be new and exciting! The instructors are top-notch.

My classmates have been smart and kind. My peer mentor has been knowledgeable and patient. I also attend a club and workshop through Laurus and have found both to very interesting and helpful. I attend online and have found AdobeConnect to be a wonderful medium for learning. The laptop Laurus sent me is very nice and performs very well.

I would definitely recommend this college to anyone who is serious about furthering their education.

Donald Merino, Laurus College Student