Writing an Effective Email

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Writing an Effective Email

by the Professional Business Systems Department at Laurus College

Writing an effective email message that gets results is important when communicating with a potential employer about a job listing. Once you’ve been hired and you’re sending information to your supervisors and coworkers, good email communication skills can help you rise up the career ladder.

At Laurus College, the Associate Degree in Professional Business Systems prepares students to work in an established small business or corporation, or to launch one of their own. To achieve success in business, one of the most important skills is to learn how to communicate your ideas effectively and concisely. While technology continues to open doors and offer new ways to share information, email is still the preferred method of communicating in the workplace.

Here are Five (5) email tips:

Write an effective subject line: Your subject line should alert the recipient to the contents of the email. An effective subject line allows the receiver to prioritize and organize messages based on importance. Consequently, you should never use the word ‘urgent’ in the subject line unless the matter is indeed, urgent.

Repeat yourself in the first sentence: Use the first sentence of the email to restate the subject line and to add any other important information that the reader needs.

Chunk your message: Chunking is a technique that improves readability by breaking the text into small, easy to digest bits of information. Write in the active voice; use simple sentences and short paragraphs to keep the reader moving through the email and processing the information.

Make your point: You can achieve more by using bullet points and enumerated lists than with sentences. While drafting your message, think carefully about what points are important for your reader to remember and then use bullet points to highlight and draw the reader’s attention to the information.

Inspect what you expect: Before hitting the send button, take a few minutes to carefully proofread your email. Reread your message to ensure that it makes sense and that you have conveyed the information concisely. Don’t forget to double-check attachments—especially to make sure you have attached the right files.

By utilizing a few simple techniques, you’ll write emails that are effective and get the reader’s attention. Writing professional emails will not only get your information across, but you’ll write emails that get you noticed and get the results you want.

Melanie Bryant is the Professional Business Systems Department Chair at Laurus College. You can reach her through email: melanie.bryant@lauruscollege.edu or call 805-267-1690.

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