Purple Briefcase for Job Search

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Purple Briefcase for Job Search

by the Career Services Department at Laurus College

Laurus College is proud to be able to provide all Laurus students and graduates with access to Purple Briefcase, a new career readiness platform that aims to help students stay up to date with the latest career search tips, tools and technology.

Purple Briefcase is free for all Laurus College students: Click Here to Sign Up

Purple Briefcase Helps Students & Graduates Get Jobs!

The Purple Briefcase System provides a private social media platform for networking and video education content that is focused on helping students get their careers off to the right start.

The Purple Briefcase platform includes:

Videos on career advice, job board tips, strategies for getting noticed, and interviews with successful professionals.

Forums for private, career-centric social networking.

Tools for building your resume & professional portfolio.

Job Search Tracking to manage your follow-ups.

Interactive Interview Feature for practicing your interview skills.

Purple Score ratings system to help you measure your job search progress.

Together, the Career Services department at Laurus College and Purple Briefcase can help you get a job, faster!

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Do you have questions about Purple Briefcase? Please contact the Career Services department by calling 805-267-1690 or email:

Greg Gardner, Career Services Coordinator

Andres Guerrero, Career Services Coordinator

Susana Guerrero, Director of Employer and Student Relations