By: Vince Casas

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My name is Vince Casas and I’m proud to introduce the new Audio Video Production Department here at Laurus College. This program is designed to allow students to develop skills in audio and video recording, editing, and production by introducing them to techniques and methods of working with sound and video.

Industry Focused Audio Video Production Skills

We’ve built a very exciting program to help students start building professional skills from day one. My biggest goal is to get students jobs. I want them to be employed; I want them to be successful. We looked at the list of jobs that are common in the field and reverse engineered them to discover the skills necessary to be successful.

Audio Video Production Careers

  • Audio Video Technician
  • Recording Studio Engineer
  • Video Editor
  • Audio Editor
  • Sound Engineering Technician
  • Sound Designer
  • Multi-Media Specialist

Man editing at a workstation for audio video production

Audio Video Production Degree

We are offering a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Audio Production and an Associate of Science degree in Audio Video Production. This program will allow students to develop skills in audio and video recording, editing, and production by introducing them to the techniques and methods of working with sound and video. Students will learn audio and video theory, digital audio, and video techniques, foundational skills for work stations, and processes in the daily workflow for audio and video production, including various styles of sound recording and projection techniques, creating show design plans, and working with logistics, and the principles of lighting, capture, composition, sequencing, and formatting. Students will also learn and use industry-standard software in post-production to ensure that various audio components blend and align with video.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production and the Audio Video Production Associate of Science degree at Laurus College

Multimedia Focus

One of the really exciting things I’ve seen in the market is a lot of alignment and congruency between the audio and video sectors. They’re not as isolated as they may seem. In entertainment markets around the country, there are very few “studio recording engineers only” jobs. Many of these positions are given some sort of media title that has a combination of audio and video flexibility. When we sat down to build this program it was an opportunity to merge the topics and bring in the best of both worlds.

Our focus is on audio production that can be done in a studio, during live events, and in online streaming. We see a lot of video needs in these markets because this is how we’ve connected during the pandemic and will continue to connect in the future as teams have moved more remote. Our program merges skills with video using techniques like “run and gun” (which is following with a camera interview style), running a camera at an event, and being able to edit and work with post-process video and how it merges with audio.

Student filming during a live event

Learn Professional Skills

We’ve built a program that teaches direct skills students can use in a professional environment. One thing that I think is unfortunate is when students don’t see things come together until the end of a program. We’ve worked hard to bring things like professional workflows into the program early so students understand what they’re learning and why. We’re building real-world skills that can be used in professional environments. We want them to be able to take what they learn and apply them to professional projects.

There are limitations for online but we’re working hard to provide tools to overcome those limitations. Our big goal is to position our students for successful lives. We want to help them open doors to opportunities and guide them on the path with skills they’ll need. We’re also building networking with instructors and students that they’ll be able to depend on in their professional careers.

Technology in Audio Video Production

Our mission is to teach students how to utilize technology. Technology is the most exciting thing about this field. We’re combining the idea of using technology-driven engagement to allow students to connect with our expert faculty mentors.

Students will be working in the platforms they’ll be using professionally such as Pro Tools for audio and Adobe Premiere for Video. We want to start students learning with the tools right away on day one.

One thing I always tell students is to be prepared. It doesn’t matter what your job title is, jobs grow and expand over time. There is gonna be new media, new technology and you have to be flexible and grow. Our program provides a base for students to learn skills that will allow them to thrive in a dynamic environment.

The Audio Video Production Faculty

I’m very excited about the team we’ve assembled. Our faculty have acquired years of experience in the industry and they continue actively mastering their craft connecting the daily lifestyle of audio video professionals directly to the classroom. Our faculty enthusiastically mentors students from day one until graduation. Spending time making the connection between faculty and students is how we’re gonna maximize student outcomes. Every time I see the work my instructors are doing it makes me want to get back to the studio and create.

Vince Casas

Vince Casas

Curriculum Development Specialist

  • Music Producer
  • Program Chair
  • EMI/Gibson Artist

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Brittany Tate

Brittany Tate


  • Multi-Media Specialist
  • Fox Entertainment
  • Warner Brothers Productions

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Carter Martin

Carter Martin


  • Videographer
  • Colombia College
  • Rasmussen College

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Monica Sepulveda

Monica Sepulveda


  • Visual Tech, Camera
  • Cirque Du Soliel
  • PRG
  • Jessie J.

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Audio Video Production Classes

Here is a sample of some of the classes you’ll be taking in the Audio Video Production Associate Degree and the Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production. For a full list of classes in this program please visit the  Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production or Audio Video Production Associate Degree page.

AUD 110 – Audio Foundations introduces students to the industry standards of digital audio concepts.

AUD 120 – Digital Audio Workstations introduces the foundational skills needed to function within a digital audio workstation environment at a basic level for music production.

AUD 220 – Audio Video Show Design and Development introduces students to the daily workflow for audio video technicians.

AUD 230 – Audio Recording Techniques focuses on audio recording techniques, including microphone placement, proper gain stages, proper equalization and frequency balancing.

AUD 240 – Sound Design introduces students to the field of sound design for game and film.

AUD 250 – Post Production introduces and develops skills in the workflow and processing techniques for audio synced with video.

AUD 260 – Mixing builds upon the skills acquired in earlier courses and explores mixing in audio projects.

AUD 280 – Live Sound Mixing is designed to develop student understanding and skills in live sound concepts, basic design, and mixing for front of house and monitors.

AUD 290 – Studio Concentration concentrates on the practical skills needed to successfully produce, record, engineer, edit, and mix a custom music work.

VID 130 – Intro to Video introduces students to the world of video production.

VID 170 – Video I introduces students to modern techniques in video and non-linear video editing using industry standard software.

VID 270 – Video II develops students’ skills in modern techniques in video and non-linear video editing using software.

Ready to start your audio video production career?

The world of audio video technology is such an exciting arena, and our team is looking forward to partnering with you on your incredible journey. At Laurus College, you can complete your degree online through a virtual classroom or are welcome to attend your classes from any of our campus or learning site locations. If you’re interested in learning more about training for a fulfilling career and a brighter future, and exploring whether Audio Video Production is right for you, visit our Audio Video Production Program page for more information.

*Available only online and in California